About Us

AmerStem is a green startup biotechnology company focusing on the use of botanical (plant-derived) stem cells for multiple applications in the health, nutrition and personal care sectors. To this end, AmerStem has developed PhytoStemix™, a core technology platform involving proprietary stem cell lines from unique high-value plants with health-promoting, therapeutic, nutritional and organoleptic properties.


  • PhytoStemix™ is based on existing methods of plant cell culture and consequently designed as an eco-friendly and versatile green technology platform that yields scalable biomass with no need for land, and vastly reduced requirements for water (1% or less compared to traditional agriculture).
  • Through PhytoStemix™, AmerStem is utilizing a holistic approach to harvest bioactive plant metabolites (phytoactives) produced by stem cells and then assess their functional profile through specific bioassays.
  • Phytoactives fall in multiple and complex classes of chemical structures. However, it is often the sum total of their functional activity that gives rise to distinct bioactivity profiles (e.g. antioxidant, antiinflammatory, photoprotective, etc.), all of which are detected, measured, recovered and concentrated in appropriate extracts.
  • Production of relevant phytoactives are optimized through adjustment of culture conditions that result in targeted bioactivity profiles.

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